ADAMcare Gold

ADAMcare Gold Software Support is a comprehensive support package available to all users of the current versions of ADAM's software packages that includes:

  • All software updates — including upgrades — to the supported product that are released during the support period, provided free-of-charge. The software will automatically notify the user when formal releases are made and offer to download them; intermediate test versions may also be available for manual download.

  • Full problem and operational support by phone, email, and fax during normal business hours (9 AM to 5 PM weekdays Western Australia time, excluding public holidays and the period between Christmas and New Year; support outside these times may be possible by prior arrangement). Contact options:

    • Toll-free phone number for customers within Australia: 1800 672 553

    • Phone number for customers outside of Australia: +61 8 9479 5575

    • Fax number: +61 8 9479 5585

    • Online: Problem Report Form

    • Email: .

    If contacting us by email or fax, please consider including the answers to the questions on the Problem Report Form to minimise turn-around time, especially outside of normal Western Australian office hours.

    For reference, the current time in Western Australia is:

  • An optional "dongle insurance" scheme, whereby a rolling three-month time limit is placed on the software protection dongle to limit its usefulness should it be lost or stolen. If a dongle goes missing while under this scheme, it can be replaced for $150 plus a letter from management stating that the dongle is not being used within the organisation to the best of their knowledge, significantly reducing financial risks.

  • One free dongle replacement per year, where the dongle is either damaged or has failed and is returned to ADAM Technology, or where it has gone missing but is under the "dongle insurance" scheme.

  • A fixed price guarantee, in Australian dollars, for both the annual renewal fee for the ADAMcare Gold Support Agreement and any upgrades to a higher version of the supported product as long as the support agreement is maintained.

Your input, either through operational problems or through personal recommendation, is valuable to us and is treated as an opportunity to further improve our products.

If you require any additional information or ADAMcare Gold support prices, please contact us.


In addition to the above technical support option, postings filed under the FAQ category in ADAM Technology's Blog may prove useful.