3DM is the name of ADAM Technology's automatic 3-dimensional, Dynamic Measurement technology. Developed over the past 29 years, 3DM is essentially a very sophisticated software library, designed for easy implementation into custom systems, and the cornerstone of ADAM Technology's 3DM Analyst and 3DM CalibCam products. See 3DM Technology explained for a more detailed description.

The 3DM technology is a contact-free measurement technique based on photogrammetric principles. It uses CCD (video) or digital cameras to capture the images. Just about any size object can be measured with the results available in seconds, almost in real-time. 3DM systems are generally custom-designed for repetitive and fully automatic measurement tasks. Applications include quality and process control in Industrial, Mining, or Security environments.

Shrink-wrapped Products

Shrink-wrapped products based on the 3DM Technology are:

Custom Systems

Examples of custom systems based on the 3DM Technology include:

Key benefits of deployed custom systems based on the 3DM Technology are:

  • 3D measurements of moving objects or objects changing shape
  • Fully automatic during operation
  • Provide permanent, digital, records of the objects

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