ADAM Technology has a long history with the mining community — the ADAM MPS-2, first introduced nearly 20 years ago, is widely-known as an affordable, portable, and accurate small-format analytical stereoplotter that is still used for mapping mines today, and the very first application built using the 3DM technology was the Bounty Mine Application, an open cut pit monitoring system using standard CCD video cameras that ADAM developed and first demonstrated in 1997 at a mine in Western Australia.

Since then, the advent of affordable, high-resolution digital cameras and improvements to the 3DM technology have opened up a range of applications that were simply not feasible before. Smarter software combined with digital imagery allows accurate 3D data to be generated completely automatically nearly 10,000 times faster than what could be generated by a skilled stereoplotter operator just a few years ago. Being able to generate that data less than 10 minutes after capturing the images allows a turnaround time that could only be dreamed of in the days of film cameras!

To give an idea of how 3DM Analyst Mine Mapping Suite can be used in a mining environment and to demonstrate the software's versatility, the following pages describe some of the applications that our customers around the world are using the software for.