3DD Mapping Software
Version 3.0

ADAM Technology is pleased to announce the release of the latest version of 3DD- version 3.0. This is ADAM Technology's own 3D digitising and symbolisation package. Detailed below are the main features of the new 3DD software. See here for a comprehensive technical description .


3DD 3.0 is a comprehensive stereoplotter and table digitiser digitising and symbolisation package. It is designed for operation with:

  • ADAM analytical stereoplotters
  • ADAM analogue to analytical conversions
  • Analogue stereoplotters interfaced with the Mimaka Stereodigitiser Unit (Encoder conversions)
  • a range of table digitisers
  • Wild BC1/2 stereoplotters by the use of an interface program available separately from ADAM Technology

3DD 3.0 includes the following features:

  • lens and camera library management
  • photogrammetric job management functions
  • orientation control for ADAM stereoplotters
  • transformation control for analogue stereoplotters and table digitisers
  • digitising and editing functions
  • processing functions for digitised data
  • data import and export functions to a variety of data formats
  • a complete symbolisation and plotting subsystem

New Features

This latest release features several key improvements and refinements over the last release, version 2.2. Notable features include:

Dynamic Pan and Background Display Updating

Dynamic Pan is an optional feature that automatically updates the position of the display when the currently active cursor (mouse or stereoplotter) moves outside of a user-defined box. Background Display Updating means the user no longer has to wait while the display is redrawn -- it happens in the background (at a user-defined priority), allowing you to continue digitising while e.g. the display is dynamically panned and updated to follow the cursor.

Display of feature attributes

Feature directions, verticies, and spot height values can now all be displayed during digitising and editing. These can be turned on and off at any time, individually.

Improved editing

Now you can quickly edit a line by dragging on a point. The movement is spread over a user-specified length of the line either side of the moved point, preserving the basic shape of the adjusted section. This is particularly useful for moving crossed contours quickly and easily.

In addition, both the mouse and stereoplotter are active during digitising, allowing you to e.g. snap to a feature with the mouse, such as an open contour from the previous model, and drive the stereoplotter to the current mouse position to continue digitising the contour. Edits can be achieved quickly and easily without having to change mode or move the stereoplotter from its current position.

Datum Adjustment

With version 3.0, ADAM 3DD now supports datum checking and correction on all ADAM analytical stereoplotters and conversions, Wild BC1/2 stereoplotters, and analogue stereoplotters interfaced with the Mimaka Stereodigitiser Unit.

Contour Generation and Volume Calculation

3DD 3.0 is extremely flexible in handling 3D features for contour generation, allowing contours to be generated automatically from random spot heights and line data. Line features can be chosen as surface lines, break lines, chains of points, edges, or holes. Point features can be considered as surface points or point smoothing singularities (e.g. the apex of a stockpile shaped like a cone).

Data Clean-Up for GIS Systems and Closed Polygon Construction

Polygons can be constructed from simple line data and their centroids, areas, and perimeters are automatically calculated and can be used to annotate the polygons. Reports can be generated detailing the polygons.

  • names and areas
  • perimeter lengths
  • centroids
  • individual side lengths and side bearings

Orientation and Job Setup for ADAM Stereoplotters

3DD 3.0 is a complete superset of the latest version of the ADAM System Software and completely compatible with files generated by ADAM System Software version 3.0.

3DD 3.0 also includes transformation setup for analogue stereoplotters interfaced with the Mimaka Stereodigitiser Unit.

Symbolisation improvements

Symbol Libraries
3DD 3.0 can now use more symbols and templates of increased complexity as shown by the table below:

3DD 3.0 3DD 2.2
Number of symbols per library 200 50
Number of templates per library 200 50
Number of movements per symbol or template 15 10

This simplifies your symbol library management task, as well as allows you to be more creative with the symbols and templates that you use.

Envelope Symbolisation

This feature allows symbolisation of a template between two features, e.g. the top and bottom of an embankment.

Sample Orthophoto
Figure 1. Sample Orthophoto with symbolised 3DD vector data

The future of ADAM 3DD

3DD 3.1 is near completion and will integrate with the new ADAM ORTHO System 2 to combine Orthophotos with symbolised 3DD vector data, as shown in Figure 1. It will also operate on jobs far larger than any previous version of 3DD.

3DD 3.1 will be available free of charge to owners of 3DD 3.0 with software maintenance contracts. For more information, please contact us for the representative nearest you, or email adam@adamtech.com.au